Chicago Spurs

June 29th, 2009

Chicago Spurs t-shirt is now available in our online store.

The Chicago Spurs have an interesting, yet short story in the history of US Soccer. They were a charter member of the NPSL in 1967. The following year the NPSL merged with the United Soccer Association (USA) – imaginative name – to form the NASL. Due to some contractual issues, the Spurs couldn’t continue playing in the newly formed NASL, in Chicago, so they relocated to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Spurs. So this graphic represents a one year slice of American soccer in the Chicago area. It might have a brief place in the history of American soccer, but that is one of the things that we think makes this story and graphic so special.

On a side note, some of the people we have shown this shirt to have remarked that it looks like a basketball. We spent time looking at it and there is definitely a basketball feel to it. But if you look closely to the lines in the graphic, they are comprised of the letter “S”. I don’t have any knowledge of the thought process that went into the designing of this logo, but I think the obvious lines of the letter S” are representative of the first and last letter in the name “Spurs.”

Either way, this is a unique graphic and story that touched the history of soccer in the United States, and further illustrates the depth and interesting stories that exist within the history of soccer in the United States.


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