Bethlehem Steel FC

January 31st, 2012

We have had the Bethlehem Steel graphic t-shirt available for awhile now. It’s been offered up in a forest green colorway and it pays tribute to one of the more storied clubs in American soccer. With a history that dates back 100 years, Bethlehem Steel went on to become one of the most successful clubs in the history of professional soccer here in the US. They won the National Cup (which is now called the US Open Cup) 5 times over an 11 year span between 1925-1926. Pretty remarkable record for any club.

Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around history. It’s hard to imagine what things were like so many years ago. But that is part of what makes history so fascinating. And thinking about soccer teams that were playing 100 years ago is not only crazy to think about, but it shows that there is tremendous soccer history in the United States. And we’re proud of that history and we think it’s important not only to have an understanding of it, but also to share it with people. That’s the main reason why we offer shirts celebrating these amazing histories and storied clubs. And Bethlehem Steel plays a very important role in the history of the soccer here in the US.

Now we are proud to present the Bethlehem Steel shirt in a navy colorway. The jerseys of this infamous US soccer club were navy, and we wanted to play off of these OG jerseys by releasing an updated navy colorway. These are now available exclusively in the Bumpy Pitch online store.

Their original jerseys featured a large “B” on the upper chest and was the only marking or imagery that were found on these initial kits. Understated to say the least, but pretty fresh in a stripped down manner.

We wanted to play off of these original jerseys in some manner so we went with our own “B” set in a vintage typeset printed on the left sleeve.


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