Bumpy Pitch Fantasy League – First Realeases

August 6th, 2012

Awhile back we were all sitting around and the topic of fantasy soccer came up. We’ve all participated in fantasy soccer leagues at some point and we started discussing the popularity of fantasy leagues in soccer and in other sports. At some point during the discussion, the idea of creating our own “fantasy teams” surfaced. What would it be like to pick US cities that don’t have MLS clubs and create our own “fantasy league” of cities that lack MLS representation.

We knocked the idea around for awhile and then decided that if we were going to do it, we had to do it right. We had to pick cities that made sense. We had to come up with names that have a relationship to the city and the sport. We had to create logos and branding that represented the city and the team. Even if this was just all just for fun and to play around with, if we were going to do it we wanted it to be done from a Bumpy Pitch point of view.

So we created a short list of cities that made the most sense. We started knocking around names and ideas that made sense to each respective city. We tried to find elements that were endemic to each city, but also that had some reference to terms that could be found in teams around the world. Even though these teams don’t exist and probably never will, we approached this as if we had been given the task of creating legitimate future MLS clubs.

With all that being said, we are proud to release our first two “fantasy teams” from the collection, Detroit and Baltimore.

Descriptions of each “fantasy team” after the jump.

Detroit has been one of those cities that have been in the conversation for an MLS franchise. How serious those conversations have been at the top levels of MLS, we will probably never know, but there were tons of options for making a great fantasy team from there. We battered around a couple of ideas for what the inspiration for Detroit could be. And in the end, it was hard to overlook the automotive pedigree that the city is known for. Few things represent a city better than cars do Detroit, so that was the starting point for our Detroit team.

As we looked around for ideas that could be incorporated with a team and city that are inspired by the automotive industry, we settled on the idea of “Racing Detroit.” Racing can be found in the name of other teams around the world so it had plenty of credibility in the soccer world, and it fit perfectly with our theme for Detroit. So Racing Detroit became the obvious choice for us to go with.

As you can see in the graphic, there is a sense of movement that represents the idea of automobiles, while the circle towards the end of the graphic plays on the wheel encompassing a soccer ball. Straight forward? Maybe. But this felt like as credible of a name and logo as you could find for a team representing the Motor City.

Even though Baltimore is just outside DC, they don’t have their own team. And with the city being such an important city for a variety of reasons in the history of the US, Baltimore needed to be included. With Baltimore there were again two areas that stood out the most for us. One is the nickname that the city is commonly referred to – Charm City. The second is prevalent in the actual graphic. And that is the history of the city as a key naval port.

The graphic is inspired by the USS Constellation which is the last sail-only warship designed and built by the U.S. Navy. The ship has a pretty storied history and after being decommissioned in 1955, the ship was taken to her permanent home, Constellation Dock, Inner Harbor at Pier 1, 301 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

Both t-shirts are available exclusively in the Bumpy Pitch online store.

Racing Detroit can be found here and Charm City Soccer Club here.

More “fantasy teams” will be dropping soon.


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