About Bumpy Pitch

Bumpy Pitch is a cultural movement that encompasses a clothing company and an online magazine (theoriginalwinger.com). Our objective is to showcase and build the culture and lifestyle that soccer inspires.

Bumpy Pitch apparel is inspired by the history and global influence of soccer as well as our roots and experiences growing up in Los Angeles. The combination inspires a clothing line that pays respect to the sport, while presenting soccer as more than a sport, but as a lifestyle. The line consists of 100% cut and sew pieces ensuring that each item is fabricated specifically for Bumpy Pitch. With each item that we create and design, we are not only presenting a product but telling a story while respecting the culture. All of our clothes are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

Theoriginalwinger.com is an extension of the product line and serves as a platform for which we can connect, inform and engage with our culture on a daily basis. In less than a year The Original Winger has become the leading online voice in building and supporting the lifestyle of the world’s most popular sport.

There is no bigger subculture consisting of passionate, informed and involved participants. Up to this point our culture has been underserved from a lifestyle perspective. The focus of the sport has always been limited to what takes place on the pitch, and has largely ignored how it influences and inspires people in every facet of their lives. Bumpy Pitch is changing that daily and helping the sport grow and evolve in a way that is much more representative of who we are in the 21st century.