Bumpy Pitch x Heroes & Hooligans

November 28th, 2014


Bumpy Pitch FC x Heroes & Hooligans.

We teamed up with our good friends from local brand Heroes & Hooligans to create an essentials pack that celebrated the sport on and off the field. That was the beginning of the conversation when we first started talking. Let’s make a small pack of really fresh soccer inspired products. And let’s make them available in youth and adult sizes. That was the beginning.

As we dug in a bit deeper and explored some concepts, we started talking about the idea of Bumpy Pitch Football Club. And what if BPFC was in fact, a football club. One that had jerseys and training tops. But also hoodies and joggers to wear away from the field. Products that looked like they fit that of a soccer club, but that also celebrated the lifestyle. What might that look like?

We settled on the aesthetic of this fairly quickly. Collectively we knew what that might look like and things moved along.

Beyond just the football club, we started having conversations about soccer in the US. And how the sport is in such a different place now then when we were growing up. Young soccer players in America enjoy a drastically different experience than the one that so many of us had. Given that we were going to offer this collection in both adults and youth sizes, the idea of how much soccer in America has evolved became central.


The growth that this sport has seen in one generation in the US is crazy. The way things were for Dunny growing up in the sport, compared to how they will be for his sons is drastically different. And that narrative is shared across a generation that grew up playing in the 80’s and 90’s that now have children of their own. And we wanted to celebrate that idea with this collection. Celebrate the generation of people that worked (and still work) tirelessly to build the sport. To help guide it to places it had never been in the US. To leave the sport in a much better place for this new generation. Young kids now will never know what it is like to not have a professional soccer league in this country. They won’t know what it is like to not be able to find any soccer on TV. Their soccer experience is much different than it was for so many of us. And it is amazing that it can all change so much in one generation.

This collection and collaboration celebrates that. This is the Bumpy Pitch Football Club.

Now, the details.

The collection consists of a hoodie and a jogger style pant that features in the grey color way above, and a black color way that has white printing. There is also a training style t-shirt and a jersey.

This collection is available in adult and youth sizes. The youth collection is above. The are a couple slight but noticeable differences with the adult and youth collections:

- The youth joggers have stars on the knees

- The youth hoodie has hooligan on the hood

- The youth jersey features a slight v-neck while the adult jersey is a crew neck

Other than that the collection is the same.

The full collection is now available in the Bumpy Pitch online store.








New Bumpy Pitch Hoodie

November 25th, 2014


I met up with our boy Adam Richman a couple of days ago when he was in LA. Adam is a really good dude. And if you follow him socially, you would know that he is a big soccer dude. But he’s not just a fan. This dude is mad knowledgable about the sport. He plays the game. He understands the sport. He’s about it. We can sit for a very long time and talk footie, which we did the other day.

And for everyone that has been asking for new hoodies. This is the latest drop. Vintage navy with the white BPFC Laurel Crest. Cop one exclusively in the Bumpy Pitch online store.

And make sure you are following Adam on IG and Twitter.


Bumpy Pitch x Heroes & Hooligans

November 24th, 2014


Bumpy Pitch x Heroes & Hooligans. Details and release info coming soon…


The Re-Up

November 24th, 2014

Over the years we have had a series of shirts that we initially did because we wanted to explore the history of soccer in the US. There is a rich history with the sport in the States, and we thought that seemed like a really good place to start. A good first series of shirts for Bumpy Pitch. There is a belief that “you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’re from.” And that was kind of the impetus for doing shirts that spoke to the history of soccer in the US. We wanted to share the history of professional soccer teams in the US before we started moving forward with other designs and collections. And while we have done more than just vintage soccer teams since these shirts were first released, there is always a demand from people asking for them.

So we are re-releasing a few of our favorites and a few of our all time best sellers. And then that will be it for awhile. Once these shirts sell out (again), we will be shelving these designs for awhile. Not because we don’t love them, but because we need to. We have a lot of things we are working on for 2015, and the time to look ahead is squarely upon us. We always like to look back a bit and explore the history. But in the foreseeable future, we will be doing a little less looking in the rearview mirror, and a little more looking straight ahead.

With that said, if you have ever had your eyes on one of these shirts, now would be the time to grab one (or all of them). I have no idea if or when we will bring these styles back. I mentioned these are some of our favorites, so below is a breakdown of each one and why they have been and always will be so important.

Brooklyn Wanderers


The first time we did the Brooklyn Wanderers shirt was back in like 2009 or something. We did it as part of a pack that also included the Fall River Marksmen and Bethlehem Steel shirts (more on them below). These three teams were amongst the very oldest in terms of professional soccer teams in America. The Brooklyn Wanderers date all the way back to the late 1890’s. So anyone saying there isn’t a pedigree and heritage of soccer in the US, you can point them in the direction of the Brooklyn Wanderers.

So the Brooklyn Wanderers had no logo. Or at least none that we could find. So the slate was pretty blank when it came to what we wanted the “credit” or “logo” for the team to look like. We approached the design as if we had been hired back in the 1890’s to design a crest for the team. What would be authentic and endemic to a professional soccer team in Brooklyn in the 1890’s. The Brooklyn Bridge seemed like a pretty obvious choice.  The bridge was completed in 1883, so just a few years before the Wanderers began playing. The bridge is mad iconic, it literally bridges Brooklyn and Manhattan and is such a strong visual element associated with Brooklyn. And from an actual historical timing thing goes, it is authentic to that time period. It existed when the team existed.

So we took our design cues from the bridge. But there are a ton of Brooklyn bridge inspired product so we did our best to come up with a unique angle of the bridge. We ended up designing this graphic with the arches front and center. To give it the feeling that these arches represent the entrance to Brooklyn.

I love this graphic. I love this shirt. I love the idea of a team named the Brooklyn Wanderers. I love the history. If I lived in Brooklyn and had a pickup team, I would call us the Brooklyn Wanderers.

Fun fact – Our Brooklyn Wanderers shirt has been worn by the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Steve Nash and Ryan Seacrest.

Fall River Marksmen


Fall River Marksmen. I have worn this shirt so many times. I really love this one. I love the design but I also love the importance of the team itself. They were one of the most successful clubs in their day. They won the American Soccer league seven times after being founded in 1922. They won the National Challenge Cup four times. They won some other really old soccer tournaments back in the day. Super successful team.

They were owned by a dude named Sam Mark, which they took their name from. Sam Mark put his money where his mouth was and built his team their own soccer stadium. This stadium was ever so cleverly named Mark’s Stadium.

When we were designing this graphic, we took the same approach as we did with Brooklyn. Trying to incorporate elements that would have been authentic to the time period, the name of the club and the area. Even though the name Marksmen was based on their owners last name, we also took it kind of literal. During the Revolutionary War, there was a battle called the Battle of Freetown in which the locals battled the British. That whole “revolutionary” type of attitude certainly influenced the look of this crest.

This is one of the only vintage team shirts that we have only ever offered in one color way. It has come in black since day one, and I don’t think it would ever be offered in any other color. It’s just that simple.

Fun fact – We made this logo up from scratch. It didn’t exist before. But if you go to the Fall River Marksmen Wikipedia page, it is there as their crest. I guess that’s when you know a design works…

Fun fact 2 – Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine wore this shirt.

Bethlehem Steel


This ranks up there at the very of of our all time best sellers. We get emails every week about all three of these old teams, but Bethlehem Steel seems to hold a special place for a lot of people. So Bethlehem Steel was an actual steel company in Bethlehem, PA. At one time, Bethlehem Steel (the company, not the team) was America’s second largest steel producer and largest shipbuilder. Cool stuff, right? Something even cooler, at least for us, is the amount of emails we have received from people telling us that a grandparent or a parent worked at Bethlehem Steel at one point and how much this shirt means to them. I don’t know if they have any connection to the soccer team, but there is a connection. And if a shirt inspired by an old soccer team can create that emotion and connection. That’s pretty rad.

So Bethlehem Steel was a really good soccer team. They won all kinds of trophies. They were backed by an oil company…

This oil money helped to build them not only their own stadium, but the first soccer stadium in the US with stadium seating. I assume that before this, everyone stood around and watched the games. Imagine how good it felt to be able to sit.

Fun fact – We didn’t do much to this logo. It was the original steel company logo. The team logo was just a “B” on the front of the jersey I believe. So we took this logo, recreated it, shifted Steel a bit to one side, added the FC and then distressed it to make it look old. Not a huge deal, but that was how we went ahead and re-purposed it as the logo for our shirt.  The logo that we did, with the FC added to it, has been used since by more than one brand. It seems that the perception is that the logo that we altered has now been viewed by some as the original. It’s not. It’s just what we came up with for them and what we liked.

LA Aztecs


Let’s go ahead and jump ahead a couple generations from the teams above. When we do that, we land in the 1970’s and the NASL. New York might have had Pele and the Cosmos, but LA had George Best and the Aztecs. They also got Johan Cruyff for one year and they were partially owned by Elton John. How LA is that?

We are an LA based brand. We grew up in LA. We honed our soccer crafts on fields in this great city. So one of our all time favorite shirts has to be of an LA based team. Simple.

And this is almost certainly the last time we will release an LA Aztecs shirt. Unless somehow Dunny makes a convincing argument that we absolutely have to bring it back.

When it was announced that Chivas USA was going to be completely relaunched and rebranded, we had high hopes (but pretty low expectations) that they would come back as the LA Aztecs. So much so that we made an impassioned plea here.

Fun fact – Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine wore this shirt in a story in the LA Times (that makes two separate Bumpy Pitch shirts he has worn – score!!!).

All four of these shirts are available in the Bumpy Pitch store while supplies last.


Bumpy Pitch x WeSC World Cup Colab Celebration

June 11th, 2014


We recently launched our World Cup collaboration with our good friends over at WeSC. To celebrate the launch, we invited some folks out to the WeSC store in New York. On a Friday evening in SoHo we had a bunch of old friends come through and we made a bunch of new friends. One of the things that we really love to do is bring folks together. Whether they are members of the soccer community or friends from other circles. Bringing people together, especially to celebrate the beautiful game is always something special.

Dax and Mike made it out.


Ives stopped by to hang for a bit.


EA SPORTS kicked us down with the World Cup version of FIFA. There were a lot of battles going on that night with FIFA. I only had a chance to play one game, but I was able to come a couple goals down and get a late winner in the second half for the W.






This was the first time that we presented the collection in person. We had shared images of the shirts, but this was the first time they were merchandised. We were really stoked to get to work with WeSC on this collection. We think it’s a great collaboration between both brands and are stoked with the way the shirts turned out.













Thanks to everyone that stopped by to hang with us. Shouts to those that helped make this happen. PBR for the beers. el Jimador for the cocktails. EA SPORTS for providing FIFA World Cup and helping start a FIFA tournament in the store. Hugues Bouayed for the photos. And a big shout our folks at WeSC for working on this collaboration together.

The collection is available in the Bumpy Pitch online store and at the WeSC flagship store in NYC.


Bumpy Pitch x WeSC – USA + Mexico Preview

May 27th, 2014


With the Bumpy Pitch x WeSC World Cup collection releasing this Thursday, we wanted to take you through each of the shirts and give a little insight into what went into the designs. To kick things off we wanted to start local. With our own country and that of our greatest rivalry. So up first are the US and Mexico.

First and foremost with the US shirt, we wanted to go with a red shirt. Red has been embraced more and more by supporters of the US National Team, so using red as the base color was an easy choice. Each shirt in the collection has the Bumpy Pitch x WeSC collaboration logo on the left front chest. The logo for the US shirt comes in a navy blue.


The back of the shirt (all of the shirts) features the number 14 to commemorate this year’s World Cup. The look of the numbers correlate to the looks of the numbers on the respective jerseys. Inside the numbers we did a fill pattern for each nation. For the US we went with the most iconic of all imagery for the US – stars and stripes.


The Mexico shirt comes in a green color with a slightly lighter green collab logo on the left front chest.


If you’ve seen the Mexico jersey for this year’s World Cup, you will notice a pin striping on the front of the jersey. We applied this look as the fill pattern for the 14 that is on the back of the Mexico shirt. Utilizing a design element that is featured on the actual 2014 jersey, and re-imaging that idea to fill in the 14 on our Mexico shirt. Just below the stripes and set against a white background is an eagle. This pays tribute to the Mexican flag where the eagle is set against the white stripe.


You can see the pin stripes as the fill pattern in the number a little better below.


The entire collection will be available this Thursday, May 29th in the Bumpy Pitch online store as well as the WeSC store in NYC.


Bumpy Pitch x WeSC World Cup Collaboration Preview

May 26th, 2014

And here we go. The eight countries we selected to be a part of our World Cup collection with WeSC. You’ve seen the front of the shirt featuring the Bumpy Pitch x WeSC collab logo and now we present what is on the back of each. Here is the story on each.

We wanted something consistent among the shirts. We wanted the number 14 on the back of each signifying this year’s World Cup and serving as a reminder from this year’s tournament. But we needed more than just colors to make each one unique and speak to each respective country.

So we took imagery that was endemic to each country. That played on things that each nation and their respective soccer traditions touched on. We’ll get into more of the specifics for each country throughout the week, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the graphic that is on the back of each country in the collection.

Release details to follow.


Men in Blazers x Bumpy Pitch Limited Edition T-Shirt

March 13th, 2014


We love the Men in Blazers around here. Rog and Davo are an absolutely must listen to Podcast and we tune in every week. Recently, Roger and I had a chat about doing a shirt for them. But doing it as possibly the most limited edition soccer t-shirt ever. Not making it for sale and only making a handful. So with their approval, we went ahead and did just that. We used a photograph of Rog and Davo, turned it into a silhouette, embellished it with their signature patch and added glasses for Roger. We then printed it on the inside of the shirt so the print didn’t overpower the color of the shirt. And boom – the Men in Blazers x Bumpy Pitch limited edition t-shirt.

Here’s the deal, there are only five in existence. Roger and Michael each got one, we kept one for ourselves and they will be giving the remaining two away. Here is a bit about the contest and what you need to do to enter:

On this week’s pod, we launched a search for a song for USA Brazil 2014. Spurred into action by the news of Mexico’s World Cup single (“Voy a Ganar” recorded with rock band Moderatto) we invite all budding songsmiths to send us lyrics that could inspire the nation to believe.

The World Cup song has a rich tradition in football history. Long before “The Super Bowl Shuffle” was even a twinkle in Jim McMahon’s eye, soccer teams from around the world made the act of recording a crude yet infuriatingly catchy single a sporting tradition. Here are four classic examples

  1. Rod Stewart and Scottish World Cup squad: “Ole Ola” (1978)
  2. England 1982: “This Time We’ll Get It Right” (PS They did not)
  3. German World Cup Squad and the Village People: “Far Away in America
  4. New Order and England 1990: “World In Motion

The competition is open to all GFOPs. A panel of experts will choose the winner. You simply have to write lyrics that fit a well known pop tune, showtune, or classic of any style — from country to hip hop, or even write your own original composition.

We have remarkable prizes for the winners including the world’s only Men In Blazers customized XBOX 1 Courtesy of EA Sports and a limited edition Men In Blazers T-Shirt (Only five exist in the world) from our friends at Bumpy Pitch.

Send entries via raven to MENINBLAZERS AT GMAIL DOT COM

If you have some ideas for a US themed song for this years World Cup, put it on paper and get it to the good guys over at MIB.

Cheers to Rog and Davo for the opportunity to work on this!




Clint Dempsey Repping Bumpy Pitch

February 27th, 2014

Yesterday we saw our boy Sacha sporting some Bumpy Pitch gear, and today we see our guy Clint Dempsey wearing a Bumpy Pitch t-shirt. Sacha was in the Bumpy Pitch x Port hoodie and we see Clint in our signature BPFC Laurel Crest graphic tee. Much love to both of them for their support. Good looks!

Make sure and follow Clint on Instagram.


The Terrace Collection

February 26th, 2014


A terrace or terracing in sporting terms refers to the traditional standing area of a sports stadium, particularly in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. A terrace is a series of concrete steps which are erected for spectators to stand on.

Its significance carries particular importance in football where terraces were located in the areas behind the two goals as a cheaper alternative to sitting in the stands, which were traditionally located at the sides of the field. Naturally the price of standing in the terraces was much cheaper than a seat with the result that over the decades they became the most popular spectators’ area for younger working class men and teenage boys to watch the game.

Due to safety concerns related to terraces, they have fallen out of favour in many places. Terraces were banned from major football grounds in England in the early 1990s, are currently not used during major tournaments, and for a long time were generally not included in new stadium designs. There is currently a growing demand for a reintroduction of terracing, based on the modern stadia designs in Germany and other European countries, dubbed “safe-standing areas.

That’s how Wikipedia defines the old terraces that were prevalent at old stadiums. There was a time when terraces were the heartbeat of soccer stadiums. It’s where the “real” fans stood. The prices were a  bit cheaper. There were no seats. I imagine lots of singing and drinking took place. When I read soccer books or articles from people who stood on the terraces, the vast majority of them are overwhelmingly positive. The memories people have from those days seem to be pretty incredible. Before there was huge money in the sport. Before corporate boxes and VIP suites were in every stadium. The terrace lived.

This collection celebrates those moments. The simplicity and beauty of the sport. Loving the game for what it is. Not about the money, or the fame or the celebrity that comes with the sport. But a pure love for the sport for what it is.  That is something that we all have around here

These shirts are priced lower than our normal shirts just as the tickets to get in the terraces were priced lower than the tickets for the seating areas were. The quality is the same, but the pricing is based on the idea of the terrace pricing.

We have wanted to do something like this for a long time and we’re pretty excited with the Terrace Collection. We love celebrating the history of the sport in a variety of ways, and this is another way for us to do that.


The Terrace Collection is priced at $25 and available in the Bumpy Pitch online store  as well as at select soccer retailers around the country.

Check the rest of the collection out after the jump.

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