Bumpy Pitch x WeSC World Cup Colab Celebration

June 11th, 2014


We recently launched our World Cup collaboration with our good friends over at WeSC. To celebrate the launch, we invited some folks out to the WeSC store in New York. On a Friday evening in SoHo we had a bunch of old friends come through and we made a bunch of new friends. One of the things that we really love to do is bring folks together. Whether they are members of the soccer community or friends from other circles. Bringing people together, especially to celebrate the beautiful game is always something special.

Dax and Mike made it out.


Ives stopped by to hang for a bit.


EA SPORTS kicked us down with the World Cup version of FIFA. There were a lot of battles going on that night with FIFA. I only had a chance to play one game, but I was able to come a couple goals down and get a late winner in the second half for the W.






This was the first time that we presented the collection in person. We had shared images of the shirts, but this was the first time they were merchandised. We were really stoked to get to work with WeSC on this collection. We think it’s a great collaboration between both brands and are stoked with the way the shirts turned out.













Thanks to everyone that stopped by to hang with us. Shouts to those that helped make this happen. PBR for the beers. el Jimador for the cocktails. EA SPORTS for providing FIFA World Cup and helping start a FIFA tournament in the store. Hugues Bouayed for the photos. And a big shout our folks at WeSC for working on this collaboration together.

The collection is available in the Bumpy Pitch online store and at the WeSC flagship store in NYC.


Bumpy Pitch x WeSC – USA + Mexico Preview

May 27th, 2014


With the Bumpy Pitch x WeSC World Cup collection releasing this Thursday, we wanted to take you through each of the shirts and give a little insight into what went into the designs. To kick things off we wanted to start local. With our own country and that of our greatest rivalry. So up first are the US and Mexico.

First and foremost with the US shirt, we wanted to go with a red shirt. Red has been embraced more and more by supporters of the US National Team, so using red as the base color was an easy choice. Each shirt in the collection has the Bumpy Pitch x WeSC collaboration logo on the left front chest. The logo for the US shirt comes in a navy blue.


The back of the shirt (all of the shirts) features the number 14 to commemorate this year’s World Cup. The look of the numbers correlate to the looks of the numbers on the respective jerseys. Inside the numbers we did a fill pattern for each nation. For the US we went with the most iconic of all imagery for the US – stars and stripes.


The Mexico shirt comes in a green color with a slightly lighter green collab logo on the left front chest.


If you’ve seen the Mexico jersey for this year’s World Cup, you will notice a pin striping on the front of the jersey. We applied this look as the fill pattern for the 14 that is on the back of the Mexico shirt. Utilizing a design element that is featured on the actual 2014 jersey, and re-imaging that idea to fill in the 14 on our Mexico shirt. Just below the stripes and set against a white background is an eagle. This pays tribute to the Mexican flag where the eagle is set against the white stripe.


You can see the pin stripes as the fill pattern in the number a little better below.


The entire collection will be available this Thursday, May 29th in the Bumpy Pitch online store as well as the WeSC store in NYC.


Bumpy Pitch x WeSC World Cup Collaboration Preview

May 26th, 2014

And here we go. The eight countries we selected to be a part of our World Cup collection with WeSC. You’ve seen the front of the shirt featuring the Bumpy Pitch x WeSC collab logo and now we present what is on the back of each. Here is the story on each.

We wanted something consistent among the shirts. We wanted the number 14 on the back of each signifying this year’s World Cup and serving as a reminder from this year’s tournament. But we needed more than just colors to make each one unique and speak to each respective country.

So we took imagery that was endemic to each country. That played on things that each nation and their respective soccer traditions touched on. We’ll get into more of the specifics for each country throughout the week, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the graphic that is on the back of each country in the collection.

Release details to follow.


Men in Blazers x Bumpy Pitch Limited Edition T-Shirt

March 13th, 2014


We love the Men in Blazers around here. Rog and Davo are an absolutely must listen to Podcast and we tune in every week. Recently, Roger and I had a chat about doing a shirt for them. But doing it as possibly the most limited edition soccer t-shirt ever. Not making it for sale and only making a handful. So with their approval, we went ahead and did just that. We used a photograph of Rog and Davo, turned it into a silhouette, embellished it with their signature patch and added glasses for Roger. We then printed it on the inside of the shirt so the print didn’t overpower the color of the shirt. And boom – the Men in Blazers x Bumpy Pitch limited edition t-shirt.

Here’s the deal, there are only five in existence. Roger and Michael each got one, we kept one for ourselves and they will be giving the remaining two away. Here is a bit about the contest and what you need to do to enter:

On this week’s pod, we launched a search for a song for USA Brazil 2014. Spurred into action by the news of Mexico’s World Cup single (“Voy a Ganar” recorded with rock band Moderatto) we invite all budding songsmiths to send us lyrics that could inspire the nation to believe.

The World Cup song has a rich tradition in football history. Long before “The Super Bowl Shuffle” was even a twinkle in Jim McMahon’s eye, soccer teams from around the world made the act of recording a crude yet infuriatingly catchy single a sporting tradition. Here are four classic examples

  1. Rod Stewart and Scottish World Cup squad: “Ole Ola” (1978)
  2. England 1982: “This Time We’ll Get It Right” (PS They did not)
  3. German World Cup Squad and the Village People: “Far Away in America
  4. New Order and England 1990: “World In Motion

The competition is open to all GFOPs. A panel of experts will choose the winner. You simply have to write lyrics that fit a well known pop tune, showtune, or classic of any style — from country to hip hop, or even write your own original composition.

We have remarkable prizes for the winners including the world’s only Men In Blazers customized XBOX 1 Courtesy of EA Sports and a limited edition Men In Blazers T-Shirt (Only five exist in the world) from our friends at Bumpy Pitch.

Send entries via raven to MENINBLAZERS AT GMAIL DOT COM

If you have some ideas for a US themed song for this years World Cup, put it on paper and get it to the good guys over at MIB.

Cheers to Rog and Davo for the opportunity to work on this!




Clint Dempsey Repping Bumpy Pitch

February 27th, 2014

Yesterday we saw our boy Sacha sporting some Bumpy Pitch gear, and today we see our guy Clint Dempsey wearing a Bumpy Pitch t-shirt. Sacha was in the Bumpy Pitch x Port hoodie and we see Clint in our signature BPFC Laurel Crest graphic tee. Much love to both of them for their support. Good looks!

Make sure and follow Clint on Instagram.


The Terrace Collection

February 26th, 2014


A terrace or terracing in sporting terms refers to the traditional standing area of a sports stadium, particularly in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. A terrace is a series of concrete steps which are erected for spectators to stand on.

Its significance carries particular importance in football where terraces were located in the areas behind the two goals as a cheaper alternative to sitting in the stands, which were traditionally located at the sides of the field. Naturally the price of standing in the terraces was much cheaper than a seat with the result that over the decades they became the most popular spectators’ area for younger working class men and teenage boys to watch the game.

Due to safety concerns related to terraces, they have fallen out of favour in many places. Terraces were banned from major football grounds in England in the early 1990s, are currently not used during major tournaments, and for a long time were generally not included in new stadium designs. There is currently a growing demand for a reintroduction of terracing, based on the modern stadia designs in Germany and other European countries, dubbed “safe-standing areas.

That’s how Wikipedia defines the old terraces that were prevalent at old stadiums. There was a time when terraces were the heartbeat of soccer stadiums. It’s where the “real” fans stood. The prices were a  bit cheaper. There were no seats. I imagine lots of singing and drinking took place. When I read soccer books or articles from people who stood on the terraces, the vast majority of them are overwhelmingly positive. The memories people have from those days seem to be pretty incredible. Before there was huge money in the sport. Before corporate boxes and VIP suites were in every stadium. The terrace lived.

This collection celebrates those moments. The simplicity and beauty of the sport. Loving the game for what it is. Not about the money, or the fame or the celebrity that comes with the sport. But a pure love for the sport for what it is.  That is something that we all have around here

These shirts are priced lower than our normal shirts just as the tickets to get in the terraces were priced lower than the tickets for the seating areas were. The quality is the same, but the pricing is based on the idea of the terrace pricing.

We have wanted to do something like this for a long time and we’re pretty excited with the Terrace Collection. We love celebrating the history of the sport in a variety of ways, and this is another way for us to do that.


The Terrace Collection is priced at $25 and available in the Bumpy Pitch online store  as well as at select soccer retailers around the country.

Check the rest of the collection out after the jump.

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Sacha Kljestan in Bumpy Pitch

February 26th, 2014


Our extended family out in Europe, Sacha Kljestan and Matt Taylor, out in Germany grabbing lunch. Sacha posted this to his Instagram. Shouts to him for sporting the Bumpy Pitch x Port sweatshirt we did. Appreciate the support as always! What up Sacha!!

Make sure you are following Sacha on Instagram.


Look of the Day

January 22nd, 2014


Bumpy Pitch x Port LBC sweat pants. Good looks all around…


Bumpy Pitch Abroad

December 24th, 2013


We’ve been friends with Josh and Laura for quite awhile and they are two of the greatest people around. They recently got married and are spending a few weeks in the UK celebrating Laura’s birthday, the holidays, NYE and taking in a number of matches. One of the matches that they went to was the Arsenal v Chelsea match which is pictured above. Laura even made sure and repped Bumpy Pitch at the game. We appreciate the support and we wish you both all the best on your trip and in life!


Bumpy Pitch x Port LBC Capsule Collection

December 20th, 2013


About a year ago we started having a conversation with Jim Leatherman over at Port LBC in Long Beach. We had been connected by mutual friends who knew that we both had our own brands and that we shared a love for the beautiful game. We met over tacos in his hood and chatted about the game, running brands and a share interest in working on a collaboration together. As many things do, it took us some time to get things where we wanted them to be. Schedules, design, sourcing…they all took some time to get dialed in. But we know that at some point we would get things right where they needed to be. And that’s where we are now.

When we first started talking about this collaboration we explored the idea of items that are essential to any soccer player. Sweats, track suits, a bag and ball. We knew what those items were, but we also knew we wanted to present those essential soccer items in our own way and style. We also had a shared desire to make this essentials pack have a certain feel based solely on the colors we chose. We kept it very simple and classic. Dark colors, almost entirely grey and black (with a hit of blue on the vintage track suit.

The capsule collection consists of a pullover hoodie, a vintage tracksuit that has a great story behind it (that’s for another day), a canvas duffel bag and an incredible hand sewn leather vintage ball. Which if you notice, is the same ball that we use as part of our Bumpy Pitch Laurel Crest.

This collaboration came about in a way that great collaborations do. Respect for one another. A shared passion for something. A desire to create something that both sides believe deeply in. Port LBC is an incredible store and brand led by a genuinely good dude and I think that comes through in this offering.

Each of these pieces is highly limited so if you see something you like, don’t sleep on it. These are all one time offerings and when they are gone…they are gone. This collection is available in the Bumpy Pitch online store, the Port LBC online shop and at their retail location at 402 St Louis Ave in Long Beach, CA.

Shouts to the good folks at Port LBC on helping make this a reality.